Hello, my name is

Tap, formally known as Kai

I'am a Programmer.

About Me

Programmer & Developer

Hello, I am a programmer called Tap, formally known as Kai. I have been a programmer for 2 years+ and I am a big TheDevKing fan (Thats where the namae Tap came from.) I am the owner of interactive studios (100 members+) and I am currently working for |BA| British Army 💂 (60+) members, owned by CurlyCarlos45.
I am fluent in:
Roblox Lua, Java Script, HTML, CSS and Python.

What I Do

Roblox Scripting

2 years+, click here to see examples.

Owner Of Interactive Studios - 100 Members+

Interactive Studios is a studio that focuses on what the player wants. We currently have a game called The End and have two games coming called Rob Simulator and Site-36 Roleplay.

Developer at |BA| British Army 💂

I have just started to work there but I am making discord bots for them, updating the game and adding new content.

Contact me on Discord

Module Script#1419